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MamaBake is about freeing up mums from the relentless chore of cooking dinner every night for a gazillion years through group, big batch cooking and once-a-week cooking plans.

Listed as a Pioneer/Protagonist of the Collaborative Consumption movement, MamaBake has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, The Sydney Morning Herald, Time Out Magazine and a heap of other quality media. MamaBake has its own cookbook: 'The MamaBake Book' with lots of batch cooking recipes and once-a-week cooking plans.

The MamaBake concept was conceived of by Michelle Shearer, surfing mum of two children on the North Coast of NSW, Australia.

MamaBake Michelle Shearer

The idea was inspired when Michelle’s long-lost-and-then-found, dear school friend and Mama to four, Bec Clark, baked a big lasagne for the Shearer clan one day giving Michelle a free afternoon to go surfing instead of making dinner.

Michelle immediately wanted to reciprocate and the idea of cooking together and sharing the meals so that everyone could get some time off made sense and so MamaBake was born.

The first MamaBake session was held with four Mamas who cooked up one big dish each, they shared it out and voila!  Meals for four nights for each family.  That afternoon the MamaBakers trotted off home with sushi, chicken stew, fresh bread rolls, cheese and spinach pie and chilli con carne.

From there the MamaBake concept has captured the imagination of Mamas across the world.